Administration and Board of Trustees

Chief Executive Officer

Rebecca Segal
(828) 286.5200



Chief Financial Officer

John Bostwick
(828) 286.5201


ChieNursing Officer

Pam Harrison
(828) 286.5204



Senior Director of Operations

John Domansky
(828) 286.5202


Michele Mercer, MD, Chair
Rebecca Segal, CEO
Jackie Godlock
Terry Hines
Sumy Joseph, Ph.D.
Stephen Melson, MD
Cindy Nordlund
Luke Person, MD
Dr. Johnnie Smith
Michael Wheeler, MD

DLP RRHS Board of Governors:

Terry Hines, Chair
Joe Carson

Beth Miller
Matt Bright
Paul Lindia - Duke
Conrad Deese - LifePoint
Roxana Pool - LifePoint
Jamie Carter - LifePoint

RHI Legacy Board:

Matt Bright
Joe Carson
Paul Deck
David Eaker
Bobby England, MD
Jackie Hampton
Larry Harrill
Lee Harrill
Sumy Joseph, MD
Beth Miller
Luke Person, MD
Michael Wheeler, MD